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The name Pentium is originally derived from the Greek word pente (πεντε), meaning "five“. This reflects the 5 business pillars that form the values of PENTIUM


Customer First

Security Solution

Digital Transfermation



Pillar #1

Customer Priority

We at Pentium get it! Our customers are our lifeblood and we’d do anything in our power to help them fullfill their goals so that we can grow together.


That’s why our solutions are not only responsive but also have flexibility and efficiency blended in order to get the best results every single time.


Understanding Customer needs


Searching for best solutions



Growth on all levels


Pillar #2

World Class Security

Pentium has had the privilege to work with some of the largest companies in the region including banks, commercial sectors, oil and gas companies, and more. Because of this, we understand the utmost importance of providing only the best security in the business so that they can operate with an ease of mind.

pillar 4.jpg

Pillar #4


In our line of work, it is important to be able to stay ahead of the curve and be able to solve any problem that arises. Hence, we believe in the power of innovative solutions. Be it for a startup or a growing business, our services are poised to provide satisfactory results for all our clients.

IoT (Internet of Things):

IoT has proven to increase the efficiency of operations in several industries, and since the enhancement of services is on high demand across organizations, Pentium is keen on providing IoT solutions as part of its innovative methods to help you get the results that your business seeks.

IoT devices generate enormous amounts
of data
Billions of devices
will be connected worldwide
IoT sensors can collect data from transportation systems

Pillar #3

Total Digital Transformation

As we live in the Digital Age right now, it has become imperative for businesses to pivot toward the digital ecosystem so that they can keep up with the latest trends and use cutting-edge technology to acquire more customers. Rest assured, as your chosen IT solution provider, we’ll move heaven and earth to transform your business from offline to online in no time at the lowest possible cost.

transforming free.png
Transforming From offline
to online.png

To online business

Pillar #5

Full Access Consultancy

One of the most unique approaches that we at Pentium embrace in our services is our accessibility. We believe strongly that the only way for you to be able to take full advantage of our expertise is to be able to keep constant and transparent communication with us.


Yes, we are always there and ready to hear you out, and we’d listen carefully to all your suggestions and analyze your needs in order to get you the best strategies to help your business bloom. When you employ us, you get full access to consult us at any time you want. Our experts will be more than happy to clear your confusion and help you see things clearly in a simple and direct manner.

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